ed for several hours. It was the second bomb threat in Rio on Thursday. Earlier in the day, the bomb squad detonated an explosive device which has been left in the vicinities of a .

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d, Clinton will underscore the " close partnership and friendship" the United States and Spain enjoy. She will meet with Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Foreign .

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n flank for the empire to use it. Chavez said that "the armed conflict is boosted by the Yankee empire, since long ago at the border with Colombia. It is nothing new that paramili.

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riences and information in sanitary and phytosanitary measures in agriculture, state daily Granma reported Thursday. Nuno Vieira e Brito, Portugal's Secretary of State for Food an.

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(Xinhua) -- Canada's airport security and police authorities have misconduct in body check and personal information management that are in violation of privacy rights of passenger.

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la Maza. The officer also confirmed the finding of pieces of the fuselage, saying "aircraft parts have appeared." The CASA C-212 military plane disappeared late Friday afternoon as .

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s Angeles. The blaze quickly spread on winds that also drove at least five other wildfires in the region, said Ventura County Fire Department spokesman Bill Nash. The outbreak mark.

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nt (Barack) Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of China as you celebrate your National Day this October 1," she said. From Chinese President Hu Ji.

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women were also occupied with housework (26.6 hours a week). They spent twice as long as men doing family chores. SAN JOSE, Feb.7 (Xinhua) -- Costa Rica's general elections kicke.

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