a New Future for Haiti, is co-hosted with the support of Brazil, Canada, the European Union, France and Spain. QUITO, May 7 (Xinhua) -– The Defense Ministers of the Union of South.

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ring programs and the development of manufacturing policy, according to a statement of the White House. "At this make or break time for the middle class and our economy, we need a.

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and the final results are published. Out of the total votes, 7,338,569 were deemed valid, 4.9 percent were blank and 4.4 percent null, officials said. WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -.

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said a statement issued after a meeting between the government and the opposition coalition Democratic Unity Roundtable on Thursday. The Venezuelan government and the opposition c.

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the purchase, Ni told Xinhua he was confident of the fundamental administration management system of the U.S. "CFIUS's approval of Wanxiang's purchase of A123 will be a matter of .

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, worse than damages caused by an intense hurricane. Currently, though the rainy season in the Caribbean begins in May and June, the weather signals are foretelling another partic .

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(Xinhua) -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Friday sent plans to the country's lower house of Congress, calling for a reclassification of the country's prisons, where the i.

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atement on Sunday, adding that one Mexican citizen has not been located so far. The statement said from the total of 29 Mexican citizens in Nepal, 24 are visitors and have already .

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previous trajectory later this year. Consequently, the effects on core inflation of the lower dollar and the output gap will continue to offset each other. As the economy reaches .

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