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Pew Research Center for the People and the Press and the Washington Post. The survey found 54 percent of Americans say they are either very or fairly satisfied with the choices on


t of the elections" and in the name of the Colombian people, he congratulated the Brazilian people on the success of the elections. Peruvian President Alan Garcia sent Rousseff a .


e killed on Tuesday during the explosion of a gold mine in a rural area of Novita municipality, Colombia's northwest department of Choco, local media reported. The authorities ann.


l giant BP started on Saturday to remove its current oil containment cap in the Gulf of Mexico to make way for a new, tighter-fitting one. The London-based company said Saturday it.


keep sane, to get some extra cash," Challenger said. Trent Overholt, owner of Overholt & Associates, the Los Angeles franchise of Management Recruiters International Inc., said i.

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Chairman Kwame Brown was charged Wednesday with bank fraud, and reports said he plans to resign. The charges against the Democratic chairman of U.S. capital city's legislative bra.

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ns on trade and arms. by Xinhua Writer Xiong Maoling BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- The anniversary of the Ferguson unrest could have been a good opportunity for Americans to reflect.

s" against Iran through diplomacy at the UN and around the world. The fourth priority of the U.S. foreign policy is the so-called economic statecraft, which refers to using diplom.

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